About me

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My name is Raj I make more electronic focused beats as well as other electronic genres. I have been Making music for about 5 years, I also study Music technology at DMU in Leicester.

WBL Evaluation so far

I would say I’m doing well so Far on my worked based learning I think that my progress has definitely slowed down over the last few months but I’m slowly getting back to working with new people. I’ve done collaboration with 3 different people both online and in person, I think that I’ve done some good work with these people although the tracks aren’t all complete I have high hopes for them. I tried to do different styles for each collaboration so that I could use a variety of different production techniques as well as mixing differently, I also tried to approach each track from a different perspective even small things such as working in different places often can change how the music I make sounds.

I do still have a few more collaborations in mind but will need to find new artists to work with, I also need to start promoting upcoming tracks and also finish existing tracks. I’d also like to try completely different genres as I’ve just stuck to hip hop and other sub genres in it, maybe doing other types of music can grow my production knowledge and teach me something new or just reinforce existing skills.

Within the next few weeks I should at least 2 more tracks completely finished as well as have started on a couple more collaborations. I’m hoping by the end of March I can get in contact with a couple of artists but it can be hit or miss even with smaller artists because lots of them just don’t check email very often.

WBL Looking for artists

When looking for people to work with I don’t really have any sort of requirements as long as they are dedicated to the project and are at a similar production level or better, also I think it’s important to get someone who maybe makes different music to you I feel this is a good way of gaining new knowledge on things that you may not have known it’s important to get the most out of a collaboration as you can as one great collaboration can give you many benefits. But you can get the same results with someone that makes the same music as you because everyone has their own way of doing things and just knowing different ways of doing the same thing is always useful.

WBL Collaborating over the internet

One person I will be collaborating with will be my friend Roy who I met online a few years ago, I already produced and e.2p with him last year and I want to build on that relationship aswell as I feel that it was rushed and we both could have done better on our parts.

Collaborating in this way is not ideal I think the main problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to communicate problems or other changes over emails trying to word things in a way the other person understands isn’t the simplest task.  It isn’t the most ideal way of collaboration but with the type of music I make it is very common and so getting more experience with it for future work is a good thing. One thing that is good about doing it this is way is often if both people use the same DAW you’ll probably send the whole project and looking at other producers work can make you learn a lot, even if it isn’t something you don’t know how to do maybe they do it in a different way.



WBL Promotion and Branding

When it comes to promoting myself as a producer not much has been done as of yet, although I do have an idea of what I need to do. I will be creating logos and artwork by myself unless I can find someone reliable to do it for me, I’ve done artwork for my own tracks before so I don’t think it will be very difficult for me to do it myself. I already have a few social media set up those being twitter, soundcloud and Instagram these will be the main social media I will be using I will also more than likely make a you tube channel also encase I want to some sort of visuals for certain tracks. The hardest part will probably be coming up with ideas for logos and visuals but making them won’t take to much time or be very difficult.

WBL What I hope to gain

I will be working with my brother who is doing exactly what I am doing for my work based learning. Although he doesn’t produce the same music as I want to it’ll still be very helpful to know how someone else gets work done. One thing I always struggle with is finishing music whereas my brother always finishes music so getting some tips on how to finish tracks would be very helpful as this has heavily impacted the amount of music I can put out there. Also hopefully some helpful production tips things like improving mixing and mastering, sound design and maybe how he interacts with other professionals in the industry. I’ll be doing this over Christmas because there will be lots more free time so i will be able to get more hours in, I’ll also be working with some students at dmu. They are vocalists who will be co writing the songs with me, I want to create varied music and not just stick to the same style or even genre, this is because I feel like limiting myself to a single style or genre will make a huge difference in who I can work with and I also want to learn the new skills that come with producing a new style of music and then use those skills in other music.

WBL What needs to be done next

Some of the things I need to do next is:

Continue to contact artists for potentioall collaboration.

Start to promote and market myself things such as creating social media, banners, logos and art for music.

Have back up plans in case some people can not work with me.

Start working with professionals in the same field to gain more experience.

Finish music started already.

WBL Contacting/talking to other professionals

When talking to people who you wish to work with or collaborate with in some way the way in which you approach them in the most important step in having a successful email or conversation. Making the email that you send more personal to the person is key, always look at their social media or just general research about them is a good way of knowing how to connect with them on a more personal basis. Trying to understand the personality of the person is a good way in knowing how you should word your email or conversation. Simple things such as making sure that your grammar is correct and that you don’t ramble on for a long time, it’s good to keep it short and to the point if you can so that the person who you are in contact with can know right away what your intentions are and what you want to do with them.